I´m finishing right now my small Website Update so don´t be Suprised , it looks not THAT different 😉 Some short explenation about the Navigation:

There is no Navigation Bar so you just follow your Instinct ;-). By clicking :

  • the Header ” RAMBRANDT ” brings you always HOME/Startpage
  • the MOS Model Number you get back to the Model´s Songlist

That´s all , as you can see , verry simple.

ok….now to the Subject !

A good friend of mine told me about a Comercial he´ve seen before and related it to the overall look of my Video for ” ALARM! ” . I didn´t believed him so i took a look by myself :

here is ALARM for comparison:

They are different but share the same Idea , simple , symbolic and plain on black Background. SALUT to Apples IMovie built in Effects 🙂 !! Simple stuff works always best ! It´s hard those days to come up with an idea nobody has. That´s Life ! Good Work though….



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