lost in my Lab !


long time no C !! I was quit busy here, my Lab is burning right now !! I´m in Research for some brutal and controllable Sounds and found some devices i can work with. It takes a while to go thru the Manual but i have to take the Road since i create my Sounds always myself. It´s like having a Porsche hidden in your Garage and don´t know how to Drive !

I did some Circuit Bending too on a cheap 15€ Keyboard from Toys R Us , that thing is screaaming like hell, turned it into something brutal, i call it ” BILLIGSÄGE ”  ! I will use it on the follow up i´m working on right now. My 2 C64 II Computers are under serious maintenance , Circuit Parts getting replaced and some useful Outputs added so that this Machine is ready for 2009. No unwanted Noise !  Sitting also on a Remix for an american Act + it looks like RAMBRANDT goes Collabbooo with ADLER ! Let´s see what comes out when some Brutalnessmess comes together and make some serious noize !!!

STAY tuned,

Greetings from the 8bit Island,



2 Responses to “lost in my Lab !”

  1. Sounds promising, we’re pretty curious how it’s going to turn out!

    • Hi Phil,

      hopefully we´ll find a Way to meet again…..last time it wasn´t happening !
      Big ups for your Project, it´s really going 4ward !
      Just prepared a new Teaser for the EP. I´ll let you know when it comes out.

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